In celebration of the 100th anniversary of women in Britain gaining the vote, Blossom Street has just released this Naxos disc, featuring works by female composers, performed by women. 


Jessica Duchen, BBC Music Magazine, March 2019

This selection of short choral pieces by a near-century of British composers who are female, performed entirely by women, is a veritable chocolate box album. The pieces are excellently chosen and programmed, representing a wide variety of styles.  ... Blossom Street under Campbelll's direction gives committed performances, strong, flexible and sure-toned. ... With luck, this collection will be an effective springboard for listeners carrying on exploring the music of these splendid composers. 


David Denton, David's Review Corner, January 2019 

Personal favourites come from Elizabeth Maconchy with This Day, and Nicola LeFanu’s perfectly shaped Misterium mirabile. The release continues my admiration for Blossom Street and their conductor, Hilary Campbell. Here containing twelve female singers, it is ideally balanced, and mercifully avoids those searing sopranos that have become fashionable elsewhere.


This Day

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